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Is your cat or dog eating, drinking or urinating more than normal? They could be suffering from an Endocrinology condition.

They could be suffering from a condition of the endocrine (hormone) system, such as Diabetes, Hyperthyroidism or Cushing’s Disease. Endocrinology problems are more common than you think, but thankfully there are a variety of ways of diagnosing and treating each condition to allow your pet to continue to live a full and normal life.

Taking a urine sample is the first step in determining if your cat or dog might be suffering with endocrine problems. Below is a selection of useful, informative guides taking you through the signs and symptoms of each condition, plus a look at the next steps once a diagnosis has been made.

Charter vets cat for endocrinology campaign
Saffie has bushings disease - Charter Vets

Read Saffie the Bearded Collie’s story of Cushing’s disease, including how vets arrived at a diagnosis, and how Saffie’s owners deal with the ongoing management of her condition in this blog post.

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