Autumn feline health testing offer

Is your cat eating, drinking or urinating more than normal?

They could be suffering from a condition of the endocrine (hormone) system, such as Diabetes or Hyperthyroidism.

This autumn, we are taking a look at conditions affecting the endocrine system here at Charter Vets.

A surprising number of middle and older aged cats can suffer with conditions such as Hyperthyroidism and Diabetes  – they are more common than you may think but thankfully there are a variety of ways to diagnose and treat each condition to ensure your cat can continue to live a full and normal life.

Taking a urine sample is the first step in determining if your cat might be suffering with an endocrine condition, and is a quick and easy way to detect problems that might need further help.

For the months of October, November and December, Charter Vets is offering basic feline urine screening tests for just £5. Click here to find out more about this offer, including how to take a urine sample pop into your local practice or give us a call on 01271 371115.

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