Brucellosis in Dogs

Increasing numbers of cases of Brucella in dogs imported from Romania identified by UK diagnostic laboratories

Although still a very uncommon disease in UK dogs, Brucella canis (B.canis) is a possible bacterial infection in dogs imported from Eastern Europe, particularly from Romania. Numbers of dogs imported from Romania are on the increase. Although brucellosis classically causes infection of reproductive organs, other infections are also possible as identified in recent cases.

B. canis is a zoonotic pathogen, which means it is an infectious disease with the potential to jump from an animal to humans. Human cases of B. canis are rare; to date no confirmed cases of B. canis human infection have been reported following contact with an infected dog in the UK. However, imported dogs from B. canis endemic countries present an ongoing animal and public health risk to the UK.

If your dog has been imported from Eastern Europe, or spent time in Eastern Europe in the last 12 months, it may be at risk of carrying B. canis, which can potentially affect you or your family.

Please ask your vet for advice on how to keep you and your pets safe.

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