Cat Pre and Post Operative Information

The pre operative appointment will take 5-10 minutes for us to complete the admission details and for you to read and sign the consent form.

Post operative feeding

Do not allow your pet access to food after midnight on the night before the operation. We would encourage you to give them a late feed the evening before anaesthesia. Free access to drinking water can be given until first thing on the morning of the operation.

Please keep your cat in overnight before the operation to make sure they have not had acess to food outside the home.


It is vital for the prevention of post-operative infections that your pet comes to us as clean as possible. If necessary please make sure that they are groomed/bathed before admission to the hospital. We reserve the right to make a charge if bathing is required after admission.


You should expect that your pet will stay with us for the day. Please telephone the hospital between 2 – 3pm to find out when your pet will be ready for collection. Occasionally circumstances beyond our control may mean that your pets operation is delayed. We will provide written aftercare instructions when you collect your pet.


We advise Hill’s Feline i/d, an easily digestible diet that contains a high quality protein to help stimulate healing, provide tissue repair and to help prevent tummy upsets. For your convenience we can supply you with a palatable tin or sachet to aid a quick recovery post operatively.

Keeping safe

In the 2-3 days following an anaesthetic, cats may be prone to being involved in an accident as the anaesthetic may impaire their judgement.

Please make sure there is a litter tray available, and lock cat flaps where possible, as a means of stopping your cat from escaping outside.


If your cat has had surgery they may have external or internal sutures. If so they will need to stay inside until the stitches have been removed – this is usually 10 days after the operation.

Post operative checks

Following surgery your cat will usually require a 3 day and 10 day post-operative check.
Following dentistry your cat will usually require a 7 day and 4 week post-dental check.
Further instructions will be given to you when you collect your cat


If you have a voucher for the CPL or RSPCA, please bring this with you, in the morning, as without it you will be responsible for payments at full cost.


Payment should be made at the time of treatment, so please be prepared to settle your bill when collecting your pet. The receptionist will be able to tell you the amount of your bill when you telephone us.

Important notice

Please ensure that you tell the nurse on admission, if your pet has been unwell or has any on-going illnesses or conditions.

Professional Pet Care

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