Easter Dangers


Easter is a fun time of year filled with spending time with family and pets, warm spring weather, Easter egg hunts and of course chocolate! But for our pets, there are lots of hazards around which could turn a lovely day into an emergency trip to the vet very quickly!

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Separation anxiety in dogs


While many of us have forged an even closer bond with our four-legged friends during this unprecedented lockdown, spending so much time together has created the potential for behavioural issues, such as separation anxiety, to develop in some. Here's what you can do now before going back to work.

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Brucellosis in Dogs


Although still a very uncommon disease in UK dogs, Brucella canis (B.canis) is a possible bacterial infection in dogs imported from Eastern Europe, particularly from Romania.

Brucellosis in Dogs2021-03-16T09:59:29+00:00
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