Charter Vets behind the scenes

Our staff really are a bunch of dedicated animal lovers, in and outside of work hours! This month, we take a look how our Animal Nursing Assistant Alice was so inspired by a spell of volunteering with the RSPCA, she decided to pursue her interests and knowledge even further…

“I spent a handful of weekends volunteering at RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife Centre, which made me decide I’d really like to further my knowledge so I signed up to undertake a wildlife course at Secret World Wildlife Centre.
The course was aimed at anyone with an interest in wildlife and consisted of four days of practicals and lectures from different staff members such as vets, animal carers and release coordinators.  Each day was a different course subject and consisted of lectures, practical handling and first aid.

Subjects included:

1.Introduction to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation
2.Wildlife care and handling
3.Wildlife first aid and hand rearing
4.Wildlife rescue and release
I am genuinely fascinated by our native wildlife and have an interest in wanting to know more about their habitat and care. Working at Charter Vets, members of the public bring in various injured or young wildlife species for example hedgehogs, gulls, shrews and pigeons. Each wildlife species has different requirements for their short time in the vets. For example, providing shredded paper, heated discs, water bowl and dog food for young hedgehogs or fish, paddling water tray, water bowl and towels for young gulls. Having done this course I feel so much more confident now in providing care for the wildlife that comes in, preparing them to be comfortably moved to local wildlife carers to continue their rehab and release once our vets have checked them over.

I enjoyed the course so much and hope to attend further wildlife courses in the future – I feel it’s so important to stay up to date with care and legislation.”