Repeat Medication, Prescriptions, Flea/Worming Treatment and Food

To enable us to offer the best possible service for you and your pet we are asking for all of our clients to provide us with a minimum 48 hours when requesting a repeat prescription, written prescription, routine flea/worming treatment for patients already under our care and food.

This enables us to specifically order any items we don’t keep in stock, gives us time to get it prepared before collection and ensure the medication is still appropriate for your pet and to arrange a check-up if necessary.

The general policy of this practice is to re-assess an animal requiring repeat prescriptions every 3-6 months, but this may vary with the individual circumstances and may be more frequently for recently diagnosed conditions.

Your veterinary surgeon may only prescribe POM Vs for animals under his or her care.

We appreciate your understanding and we will accommodate all requests as far as possible.