What should I do if my dog gets bitten by an adder


Importantly, DO NOT PANIC, your dog is highly likely to make a full recovery if treated promptly and correctly. It is important, where possible, to reduce the movement of your dog following a bite; ideally carry your dog or walk quietly back to your vehicle. Ring your nearest veterinary surgery to let us know what

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Dogs become infected with Aelurostrongylus abstrusus by ingesting intermediate hosts such as snails or paratenic (paratenic describes an intermediate host which is not needed for the development of the parasite, but nonetheless serves to maintain the life cycle of the parasite) hosts (birds, rodents etc). After ingestion, the larvae pass into the intestine. The larvae




These are transferred to your pet when an infected flea or louse is swallowed; therefore regular flea control is also necessary. The tapeworm can also infect your pet if a contaminated bird, rodent or sheep is eaten. A tapeworm infestation can cause vomiting and diahorrea. Tapeworm segments are usually visible around the anus or passed




These can be transferred to your pet in three ways: In the womb Via the mother’s milk Contact with eggs in the environment Signs of a roundworm infestation include weight loss, anaemia and vomiting. In extreme cases death, due to heart failure, may occur.


Why does my cat need a regular worming routine


Regular worming helps to minimise the amount of egg contamination in the environment. It is for this reason that the prevention of worms in cats is almost entirely reliant on pet owners maintaining a regular pet care routine.

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Why worm your cat?


Make regular worming part of your pet care routine from day one. Did you know that humans can also catch worms from their cats? Children are particularly at risk, giving you another reason to prevent worms in your pet cat.

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Which worming treatment is right for my cat?


There are now so many worming products on the market making it confusing for pet owners to decide how to treat for worms. As a rule of thumb, you should always speak to your vet to get advice on the best quality and most appropriate treatment for your cat. We would always advise not to

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How can I tell if my cat has worms?


Keep an eye out for these common signs of a worm infestation in your cat: bloated abdomen vomiting diarrhoea intense hunger could be a sign of roundworms check the litter tray, worms are sometimes apparent in excrement Be aware that cats with worms do not always show signs of illness, except where the infestation is large,

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Does vaccination work?


Today’s vaccinations are very effective and of high quality however an occasional individual may not get full protection from a vaccination. This is most likely to happen if the pet is unwell or stressed at the time of vaccination and this will prevent the immune system from fully responding to the vaccination. It is important

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Can my pet become unwell as a result of the vaccination?


It is common for dogs, especially young puppies, to be slightly off colour for one or two days following vaccination and occasional individuals will be a little tender at the site of the injection. There is some concern that vaccinations could harm the immune system and cause immune mediated disease; this is disease caused when

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