It is common for dogs, especially young puppies, to be slightly off colour for one or two days following vaccination and occasional individuals will be a little tender at the site of the injection.

There is some concern that vaccinations could harm the immune system and cause immune mediated disease; this is disease caused when the immune system mistakenly sees healthy body tissue as foreign and attacks it. Evidence for this is purely anecdotal and there is no proof that vaccination causes these diseases. It is important to remember that significant complications following vaccination are extremely rare, and the risk of serious illness and death is much higher from the infectious disease that the vaccines protect against.

It is fortunate that we do not see most of the diseases discussed very often, but please remember they are highly infectious and are often fatal when contracted. If regular vaccination against them were stopped, we would undoubtedly see an increase in their occurrence and this would be devastating for our pet dog population. If you have any further questions about the vaccinations available for your dog please telephone us and speak to a veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse who will be happy to advise you. If you would like to make an appointment for your pet to have a vaccination please contact one of our reception team who will make an appointment as soon as possible.