Can my pet become unwell as a result of the vaccination?


It is common for cats, especially young kittens, to be slightly off colour for one or two days following vaccination and occasionally individuals will be a little tender at the site of the injection. There is some concern that vaccinations could harm the immune system and cause immune mediated disease; this is disease caused when

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Does vaccination work?


Today’s vaccinations are very effective and of high quality however an occasional individual may not get full protection from a vaccination. This is most likely to happen if the pet is unwell or stressed at the time of vaccination and this will prevent the immune system from fully responding to the vaccination. It is important

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Why does my cat need regular booster vaccinations throughout life?


The protection given by the primary vaccination course is not lifelong and the immunity wears off. Adequate antibody levels should be maintained at the level necessary to fight infection should it arise. If a patient has missed its annual booster by greater than eighteen months it will be safer to have the primary vaccination course

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When can my cat be vaccinated?


Young kittens are protected from some infectious diseases by antibodies given to them by their mothers. This protection wears off between seven and nine weeks of age. Vaccination will not be of benefit in kittens until the protection from their mothers has waned. We therefore recommend kittens are given their primary vaccination course at nine

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Which diseases can my cat be vaccinated against?


Feline panleucopaenia Feline infectious enteritis Feline parvovirus Before the development of an effective vaccination, this disease was a common cause of death, particularly in kittens and young cats. It causes severe vomiting and diarrhoea leading to fatal dehydration within two to three days of infection. It is a viral disease which is spread in cat

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How will a vaccination protect my pet?


Vaccinations work by showing the body’s immune system the disease in a safe form. This trains the immune system to react quickly and effectively should the body come into contact with this disease in the future. The disease will be eliminated from the body and infection will be prevented. Vaccinations are usually given by an

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How real is the threat?


The diseases against which we can vaccinate are still seen in unvaccinated populations of cats. It is important that your cat receives a primary vaccination course and then regular annual booster vaccinations to protect against them.

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