Important information for Charter Care Club clients

Transfer of the Charter Care Club to The Healthy Pet Club

This morning, Premier Vet Alliance, the administrator for the Charter Care Club, has notified us of a payment error.

A direct debit payment for the Charter Care Club was taken in error from some clients’ bank accounts at the same time as the first payment for The Healthy Pet Club.

Charter Care Club Policies not transferred to The Healthy Pet Club

In addition, clients who opted to cancel their Charter Care Club policy and not transfer to The Healthy Pet Club have also had a direct debit payment taken, despite confirmation of their policy cancellation.

Premier Vet Alliance apologise for this error. They are putting measures in place to prevent this happening again.

What you need to do

Please check your bank account to see if this has affected you.

If so, please contact your bank to cancel the incorrect direct debit and get a refund under the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme.

Alternatively, please call Premier Vet Alliance on Telephone: 0117 370 0300.

Due to client confidentiality, neither the team at Charter Vets or The Healthy Pet Club call centre can assist any further with this, as your bank will only speak to the account holder.

Charter Vets would like to apologise on behalf of Premier Vet Alliance for any inconvenience caused.

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