Meet Beau – our March Pet’s Corner competition winner

The handsome winner of our March Pet’s Corner Posing Pets competition with the North Devon Journal is 3.5 yr old Birman, Beau.

Beau has the sweetest of natures. He wakes owner Joanne every morning by gently tapping her face with his paw then snuggles up for a sleep once he’s woken her! He follows the family around the house and garden and is happiest playing outside when they are with him.

He has welcomed Salty who Joanne’s daughter rescued and drove back from Morocco 2.5 years ago. Stressful at first but they’ve settled into a harmonious and often hilarious routine, though very different characters.

Beau can be a picky eater and loves the family to slide his biscuits down the banister where he pounces and eats them at the end.
They are  welcome visitors at the neighbour’s house and the daughter even has a picture of Beau with her at University!

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