Meet Nimrod

This beautiful 6.5 year old Cocker Spaniel Nimrod has been spending some time with us lately.

Nimrod came to see us as he was unable to walk and in a lot of discomfort. He underwent a CT scan, which revealed problems with the vertebrae in his neck.

Nimrod underwent spinal surgery in the highly equipped orthopaedic theatre at Charter Veterinary Hospital and this lovely boy was in the best of hands.

Nimrod’s spinal surgery was a success and he stayed with us under hospital care for over two weeks for rehabilitation and supportive care.

He underwent regular physiotherapy and was closely monitored for pain management. He was such a tolerant and loving patient who became a firm favourite with all of the staff during his stay!

Nimrod has made a full recovery and we are delighted to see that he is now back at home enjoying life with his family and his canine companions.