Behind every good vet, there’s an even better nurse!

Our experienced team of veterinary nurses can give you helpful advice and care on a wide range of services, including:

  • Puppy parties – aspects of pet care and training. These offer your puppy a valuable opportunity to socialise with other puppies of different breeds and sizes in a safe environment. Receive valuable advice on how you can prevent future behavioural issues now, whilst your puppy is at an impressionable stage of their social development

  • Microchip insertion – talk to us about protecting your pet, microchip insertion is available at all our sites

  • Post-operative care – our nurses are able to carry out wound dressing management and suture removal

  • Dental healthcare – our nurses can give valuable advice and a demonstration on prevention and treatment of dental disease

  • Ear cleaning – contact us for advice on products and a demonstration of how regular care can prevent disease

  • Dry eye checks – our nurses can monitor your dog for low tear flow, which affects 1 in 22 of the general dog population, and 1 in 11 of specific breeds

  • Slimming clinics – run by our veterinary nurses who have gained higher qualifications in pet nutrition. They can help your pets maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise

  • Weight loss medication monitoring – talk to our nurses about what medication may be appropriate for some patients that are overweight and have found it difficult to lose weight through dietary management alone. This may be due to concurrent arthritis or mobility problems. Following exclusion and consideration of any underlying disease, medication is now available that may help these patients lose weight to allow them to improve their mobility, maintain their weight loss and improve their quality of life

We love our nursing team and we think your pets will too!

To get in touch with your local surgery and speak to one of nurses please contact us:


> Diagnostics

No matter how thorough our vets are, some diagnoses require more than just a physical examination alone. We offer an extensive range of diagnostics to find out why your pet is ill.

> Nurse Clinics

Behind every good vets, there's an even better nurse. Our experienced team of veterinary nurses can give you helpful advice and care on a wide range of services.

> Pet Dentistry

We provide dentistry for pets using equipment you would recognise from your own dentists’ surgery. We are also one of the few facilities in Devon that offers dental radiography.

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