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Online appointments for registered clients

Please note, our online appointment booking system is for clients who are already registered with Charter Vets. If you would like to register as a new client, please call your local practice or use the ‘register your pet with us’ form.

At Charter Vets, all of our clinics work on an appointment system to minimise waiting times and therefore reduce stress to both our patients and clients. Using our online booking system, you can book appointments for your pets to be seen for the most common reasons. If you require an appointment for today or the time slot you require is not available, please telephone your usual Charter Vets location.


Emergency appointments cannot be made online. If you have an emergency please telephone your usual Charter Vets location. Examples of an emergencies include: accidents, breathing issues, blood loss, collapse, bloat, male cat unable to pass urine, ingestion of toxins, an eye that has suddenly become painful.

Please be aware that we will always see emergencies as a priority and should this happen it may delay your appointment.

Important Note:

Some appointments require special arrangements e.g a specific vet or a particular drug to be ordered in advance. These appointments are not listed as reasons on the online booking system. If you cannot find the appointment reason you require, or at a suitable time please telephone your usual Charter Vets location to book your appointment to ensure the correct arrangements are made.

Online client portal

You can also use our system to:

  • Update your personal and contact details
  • Add photos of your pet
  • Add a new pet to your record
  • Check when your pet is due its vaccinations, worming or flea treatments
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Please note:

  • If you think your pet has something infectious (Kennel cough or similar), please report to reception before bringing your pet in
  • It is not possible to book operations online
  • Please only book one pet per slot
  • Please phone us if you are coming from another vet for a second opinion
  • Cancellations can only be made by phone, please contact your usual Charter Vets location
  • If you wish to make an appointment for an exotic pet you should contact your usual Charter Vets location