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Project Description

Visiting Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scanning

Diagnostic imaging specialists and experienced surgeons on your doorstep

We welcome our visiting MRI scanner on a regular basis. Having this facility available, means worried owners no longer need to travel long distances with an ill pet to benefit from this advanced service.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) enables us to look at detailed images of the body by the using an extremely powerful electromagnet and has the advantage of being extremely safe.

These features make it ideal for imaging the brain, spine and the skull.

MRI has many advantages over x-rays and ultrasound including the incredible detail it provides.

Imaging referrals are available as part of our surgical referral service or referral imaging only with reporting by Nicolette Hayward BVM&S DVR DipECVDI MRCVS & European Veterinary Diagnostic Specialist.

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When is an MRI useful?

  • Spinal Disease e.g. Lumbosacral disease, cervical disease, tumours

  • Suspected Raised Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure (CSF) e.g. Sphyngomyelia

  • Epilepsy Investigations and Suspected Intra-Cranial Space Occupying Lesions, e.g. Granulocytic Meningio Encephalitis (GME)

  • Brain pathology: congenital, inflammatory and tumours

  • Chronic Nasal Discharge, Nose Bleeding and Sneezing

  • Cruciate disease

  • Surgical Planning Of Soft Tissue Tumour Margins

  • Middle and Inner Ear Disease

  • Non-Radiopaque Foreign Body Localisation

MRI scanning at Charter Vets in North Devon

Need to arrange a referral?

Call us on 01271 371115 or email with your client contact details, patient details, a prioritised summary of the history, and any supportive imaging, lab work and full clinical notes file. For imaging, original sized jpeg exports are still helpful but dicoms are even better, which can be shared via Dropbox to the above email address.