Project Description

Onsite CT Scanning

CT scanning at Charter vets – we are amongst the first to offer an on-site veterinary computed tomography (CT) scanning service in the south west.

CT (computed tomography) is an imaging modality based on three dimensional x-ray. It has improved the way in which we are able to investigate certain problems. CT (based on xray) and MRI (based on magnets) work in very different ways and each imaging modality has its own benefits and compromises. CT can provide excellent detail in bone, creating almost perfect 3D reconstructions of joints, whilst MRI is not a great tool for examination of bones. However, CT does not provide very good detail within the brain or spinal cord tissue, whilst MRI is able to show subtle changes due to inflammation or tumours.

The CT scanner at Charter Surgical Referrals has allowed us to significantly improve how we approach certain cases. Our GE lightspeed 16-slice scanner allowing us to obtain very detailed pictures with short scan times. This helps us achieve excellent detail in moving organs such as lungs.  CT has many uses, including some of the following common investigations:

  • Respiratory disease e.g. chronic coughing, difficulty breathing
  • Nasal diseases
  • Orthopaedic diseases, lameness investigations, and some but not all spinal pathologies
  • Soft tissue surgery planning to assess how deeply a tumour invades into the surrounding tissues
Onsite CT Scanning at Charter Vets referrals

Need to arrange a referral?

Call us on 01271 371115 or email with your client contact details, patient details, a prioritised summary of the history, and any supportive imaging, lab work and full clinical notes file. For imaging, original sized jpeg exports are still helpful but dicoms are even better, which can be shared via Dropbox to the above email address.