Scrumpy is a six year old Lakeland Terrier, who is a Charter patient. He is a much loved family pet and very true to his breed with bundles of energy and terrier ‘character!’ Although a confident, happy dog during the day, Scrumpy’s confidence started to diminish overnight and he became increasingly nervous. Concerned, Scrumpy’s owner asked us for some advice and we recommended giving the Adaptil™ Plug-in Diffuser a try.

Here’s what Adaptil say about their product:

“Mother dogs communicate with their puppies using natural “comforting messages” released from the mammary zone.  These “comforting messages“ are scientifically called Dog Appeasing Pheromones. They are odourless and are only perceived by dogs.  

These “comforting messages” provide a strong signal of comfort and security to the puppies but also have the same effect on dogs of all ages. ADAPTIL Calm™ is reassuring for adult dogs, the “comforting messages” sent by ADAPTIL™ help dogs feel reassured and relaxed in challenging situations.

Scrumpy’s owner’s review of the product:

“We can only assume that a loud bang in the night set off Scrumpy’s anxiety, as we woke in the middle of the night to an extremely anxious dog and the following morning found a partially smashed window. From that time on, he struggled at night time and despite having his bed upstairs close to us, would spend the night pacing up and down, panting and barking at the slightest noise and pooing in the kitchen. None of us were getting any sleep and we felt so concerned for Scrumpy.  

The team at Charter recommended we try the diffuser and I can honestly say it had an immediate impact on him. The first night using it, he jumped out of his bed a couple of times ready to start running around but instead stopped, went back to bed and back to sleep! We used the diffuser each night for a couple of months, by which time the cycle was completely broken and behaviour has disappeared. We only need to use it now if a big storm is coming as he is still nervous of thunder but the diffuser calms him down and provides him with the reassurance he needs to get through the night without anxiety. I am thrilled with the result and pleased to be able to help our dog simply by using natural pheromones.”