Adorable, mischievous and endlessly entertaining the arrival of a new puppy is always an exciting time in any household!

There’s so much to think about when your little bundle of joy arrives home with you! Even after weeks of planning, adapting your home into a puppy-friendly environment, and reading up on the do’s and don’ts of dog ownership, the responsibility of owning a canine friend – whether is is for the first or tenth time – can be quite daunting.

One, two, three….aaaahhhhh!

The big wide world can be an exciting, but daunting place for a new pup.


Aside from your pup’s basic health and nutritional needs, one of the most important things you can do to set a young dog up in life is to ensure appropriate socialisation and correct training. Puppies, like humans, aren’t born with the skills required to live harmoniously with their new family. As their owner, it is your responsibility to ensure they are exposed to the right situations and understand the behavioural boundaries they must adhere to, to ensure a peaceful and happy existence for all involved!

Correct socialisation in the early stages of your dog’s life will help them feel confident in their environment, able to communicate appropriately with other dogs they meet, and understand their role and what is expected of them – be that as a companion, family pet or a working dog. We ask a lot of our dogs – they have to become fluent not only in their own, canine language but in our human world too!

All reputable breeders should have started the socialisation process off for you, but it is imperative to keep going when your dog arrives at home with you. They need to have a wide range of positive interactions with as many social situations as possible – meeting different adults, children, vets, adult dogs and other animals. Careful, positive exposure to different environments such as traffic, crowds, travelling in the car, vacuuming at home and a host of other sights and sounds are all invaluable experiences and will set your pup up for life.


A key part of the socialisation process is training. Puppies need to be taught right from wrong, and understand what is expected of their behaviour both in the house and whilst they are out in the big wide world with you.

Our vet nurses Katie and Evie have their hands full at this new puppy check!

New puppy checks

If you are unsure about any aspects of your new puppy’s health and welfare – from the most appropriate food to use, to the right wormer, flea treatment or advice on neutering, our Registered Veterinary Nurses are here to help.

At your puppy check appointment, our nurses will be only too pleased to offer advice and help you with any questions you might have.

Be sure to give your local surgery a call to book your puppy in and good luck – enjoy the ride!

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