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Like humans, your pet, may at some point, require medical care and treatment which is outside the expertise of a general practitioner. People see their GP for advice and diagnosis of an illness, but sometimes the GP will refer us onwards to a specialist e.g. an NHS consultant who has more in-depth knowledge and experience of the condition.

It’s the same for our pets. Your trusted regular vet may suggest a referral for your pet in order to seek advanced treatment for an illness which is specific to a certain body part.

Here at Charter Vets we offer RCVS advanced practitioners offering referral level surgery and treatments at our Veterinary Hospital in Barnstaple.

Need to arrange a referral?

Call us on 01271 371115 or email with your client contact details, patient details, a prioritised summary of the history, and any supportive imaging, lab work and full clinical notes file. For imaging, original sized jpeg exports are still helpful but dicoms are even better, which can be shared via Drop Box to the above email address.