Spotlight on staff – Katie

Huge congratulations go to our brilliant Registered Veterinary Nurse Katie, who has recently passed her International Society of Feline Medicine Nursing Certificate with Distinction.

We took the opportunity to catch up with Katie and find out a bit more about her qualification.

Congratulations Katie! How long have you been studying for this additional qualification?
“It’s taken twelve months of study, which included six modules containing 10 assessments each, both written assignments and multiple choice exams.”
What made you choose to do this qualification?
“I love cats! And I wanted to expand my knowledge of them and help support the other members of the feline friendly nurse team we already have at Charter.”
What extra skillset does the qualification bring you for your job?
I have gained a far greater understanding of our feline friends. The course has provided an insight into to feline health, welfare and behaviour, which will help to further improve the care of cats within our hospital.
Are cats your favourite species to work with ?