Tilly’s experiences of Cushing’s disease

Mrs. Vickery owns Tilly, an 11-year-old Toy Poodle with Cushing’s disease. She shares her experiences of dealing with the disease below…

What is it like living with a dog with Cushings disease day to day?

Living with Tilly and Cushing disease has been a bit harder than normal but because she’s had it a while I started to think it was just her and not an illness.

What have you found the most challenging or difficult thing to cope with?

The most challenging things to cope with were her constant weeing, panting and wanting food all the time.

How long after starting treatment did you notice an improvement?

I noticed a change in Tilly almost a couple weeks after treatment. Two obvious results with treatment is that her cortisol levels have come down significantly and her thin grey coat is now coming through fluffy and black.

What would your advice be to other pet owners who are unsure whether to treat their older dog with Cushings disease?

In my experience treating my 11 year old dog I feel I’ve given her a more comfortable and  quality of life, she has her moments now when she thinks she a puppy!

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