Travelling with your pet within Europe

For the most up-to-date information on pet travel to Europe visit:  Taking your pet dog, cat or ferret abroad – GOV.UK (

Please note, there are different requirements for some countries, so wherever you are returning from, it is important to check the latest UK Government information about travelling with your pet well in advance of your trip.

It is your responsibility as the pet owner to ensure all requirements are met.

From 1 January 2021 Great Britain became a Third Country with respect to the EU Pet Travel Scheme.

New Pet Passports are no longer valid, however, if you have an in-date UK Pet Passport issued prior to 31/12/2020 then this can still be used for travel within the EU and Northern Ireland. Pet Passports from EU Countries are also valid for travel.

Otherwise, Animal Health Certificates (AHCs) are now required for pet dogs, cats and ferrets travelling to the EU and Northern Ireland from Great Britain (non-commercial travel).

If you are planning to take your pet abroad, please contact us as soon as possible to enable us to start the process in good time.  This service is available for registered clients and pets of this practice.

The following information will help you:

The pet/s travelling (up to 5 max) must have the following:

  • Vaccinations up to date (if not these must be done beforehand)
  • Microchip (properly registered to legal owner)
  • Rabies vaccination up to date; this must be done after the animal is 12 weeks old and at least 21 days before the travel date.
  • Be travelling with the owner or within 5 days of the owner *
  • Not be travelling for sale*

*Export Health Certificates are required if pets do not meet these criteria

Once the above criteria is met, you may then book an appointment to get your AHC completed no more than 10 days before your travel date, so please ensure you let us know your travel date and destination at the time.

Please ensure that when booking your appointment, you allow ample time to be booked in with one of the accredited vets (we recommend contacting the practice at least three weeks prior to your intended date of travel). Whilst the AHC must not be started any more than 10 days before the date of travel, the more notice we have the easier it will be to book you in with a suitable vet.

Once the appointment is booked, we will confirm your email address and send you the UK to EU pet travel form and the Pet Travel and AHC Client Guidance leaflet, we would advise reading the guidance before you travel and you must complete and return your pet travel form at least 72 hours prior to your 1st appointment.

The AHC is completed across two visits to the practice and once these are done you are ready to travel:

  • 1st visit with the pet no more than 10 days and no less than 4 days before the date of travel, proof of microchipping and rabies vaccination are necessary (this is usually in the form of your old pet passport)
  • 2nd visit – signing and collection of the certificate (this appointment will be booked with you by the vet after your 1st visit)

The AHC is valid for 4 months for onward travel within Europe and return to the UK. Dogs traveling to Finland, Norway, Ireland, Northern Ireland or Malta must be treated for tape worm no more than 120 hours (5 days) and no less than 24 hours before the travel date. When returning to the UK this must be done again no more than 120 hours (5 days) and no less than 24 hours before the travel date.

This information is valid as at 15 July 2021 but could be changed at short notice by the UK Government.


Animal Health Certificate – £150 for the first pet and £50 for any additional pets (up to a maximum of 5)

Rabies Vaccination (if required) –please ask our reception team for the price when you call to book your appointment.

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