We are a cat friendly clinic!

We are delighted at Charter Vets to be recognised by the International Society for Feline Medicine at silver level as a cat-friendly practice. 

But what does that actually mean?

Two of our brilliant Registered Veterinary Nurses, Louise and Katie have a keen interest in feline health and have pursued further qualifications with the International Society of Feline Medicine. They have led the campaign to ensure that we meet the criteria required to be a cat friendly clinic with silver level accreditation.

Cats are highly sensitive creatures and can be very susceptible to stress. Our ISFM accreditation gives you peace of mind that our staff have promised to handle and treat cats with understanding, gentleness and respect when they arrive at Charter. We have also given consideration to our environment and made every effort to ensure a ‘cat friendly’ welcome to your feline friends when they arrive with us.

This means: 

  • We have segregated our waiting room into dedicated cat and dog waiting areas and where possible used permanent partitions as visual barriers to prevent eye-contact between dogs and cats occurring.

  • Cats in their carriers can be placed above the ground on a seat or on a bench alongside their owners in the waiting room, to enhance the cat’s feeling of safety and reduce anxiety.

  • For particularly stressed cats, we keep a supply of clean blankets and towels that owners can use to cover the carrier if needed.

Louise, below left with her beloved Dumble is currently continuing her studies with the ISFM Advanced Certificate in Feline Behaviour and Katie, below right has just achieved the ISFM Certificate in Feline Nursing. Katie is pictured with her diabetic cat Mr. Tiddles. In addition to gaining a far greater understanding of our feline friends’ health, welfare and behaviour, Katie says that her qualification has helped her with the management of her beautiful cat, who needs twice daily insulin injections, daily urine tests and a strict diet. It’s also provided Katie with a greater understanding of what clients may find challenging with this condition too.

Both Louise and Katie are available to further explain our ISFM accreditation status and advise clients of steps you can take to ensure a visit to Charter is the least stressful it can possibly be for your cat. Katie has also written some advice on stress-free travelling with your cat too – which you can read here. They would be delighted to advise further – you can contact them at our Roundswell hospital on 01271 371115.